Steel Exporters' Association Is Planning To Legal Support From A Law Firm

Steel Exporters' Association (ÇİB hereafter) is a professional establishment that represents most of the steel exporters of Turkey. ÇİB is assisting its members to increase national exports at the Steel industry and organizing, supervising export activities of members and taking necessary precautions on these activities. ÇİB negotiates with official authorities for solving problems at every level of export process, ensuring the decisions to be taken and realising organisations for that goal.

As you may recall, on December 30, 2021, International Trade Commission (USA) has initiated anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations on “certain steel nails” originating in Turkey. The ITC has completed its preliminary investigation and according to their preliminary findings the import of nails originating from Turkey caused damage. From this point, Commission will move on the final determination.

At this point, ÇİB is planning to take legal support from a law firm for anti-dumping and countervailing and also on probable cases finalize this investigations process in a positive way in the injury determination stage to defend Turkey.

In conclusion, as ÇİB, we would like to receive “a proposal” about the defence of Turkey in this anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations and probable cases from your company that should be considered as experienced in anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations and preferably has a partner in USA.

The offer should set out a general strategy, information about which cases defended previously and the associated budget. The associated budget should be on “per hour& flat- fee” bases, and total expected budget. Please make sure that your proposal covers injury determination stage fees for ÇİB and hearings if necessary.

Because of our limited time, the deadline for the proposal is 2nd March 2022.

Contact Person:

Mr. Samet DAMAR (Phone: 0090 212 454 0176 e-mail: )