Turkish Steel Exporters' Association is planning to take a support from a lobby firm

Steel Exporters' Association (CIB hereafter) is a professional establishment that represents most of the steel exporters/producers of Turkey. CIB is assisting its members to increase national exports at the steel sector and organizing, supervising export activities of member firms and taking necessary precautions on these activities. CIB negotiates with official authorities for solving problems at every level of export process, ensuring the decisions to be taken and realising organisations for that goal.

As you may recall, there has been a safeguard measure on steel products since 2019 in European Union (EU) and EU Commission has initiated a review for this safeguard on February 28, 2021.

In recent years, European steel producers, who have more advantageous position than Turkish exporters in bilateral trade, are trying to raise the protective barriers against steel imports. As CIB, it is believed that this situation does not comply with EU's fair and free trade approach and more importantly ignores larger trade and economic interests.

CIB is committed to creating a greater awareness of the implications that trade cases have on stakeholders whose interests are being ignored. To that end we are looking to commission a study that looks at the broader impact that these steel trade cases are having on various sectors of the European economy, on net employment, on infrastructure costs and on future trade relations between EU and Turkey.

In conclusion, as CIB, we would like to receive “a proposal” about lobbying in EU.

In this regard, please kindly find the necessary requirements for your proposal below:

  1. Identification of Interest Groups:

The interest groups could be consisting of importers and their associations, steel related industries and their associations, ports and logistics firms, scrap exporters' association, consumers of final steel products, banking-financing institutions acting as a mediator in international trade, the members of Commission and the traders of the provinces where high volume of steel import and scrap export is materialized, the foundations in EU which work in favor of Turkey.

We are expecting from you to get in touch with them and receive their support on Turkish Steel products in EU market.

  1. Identification of the decision-makers' profiles and contacting with them.

We are expecting from you to get in touch with the decision makers and organize meetings between Steel Exporters Association and decision makers.

  1. Determination of a road map.


  1. Preparing a report compiled from well-known international research organizations' studies on the profitability, efficiency and employment of the EU steel industry.


  1. Determination of strategic communication plan.


  1. Preparation of extensive letter about Turkish Steel.
  2. Build a consistent message on the sustainability of Turkish steel for promotion in the EU market.
  3. Monitoring of main articles on Turkish Steel and local steel producers in EU.
  4. Feed this message to build awareness in EU media.
  5. Build one-to-one media relations with target publications.
  • Organization of media interviews for our spokesperson.
  • Yearly 6 to 12 interviews are expected to be realized.
  1. Feed media with the press releases related with the Turkish steel industry.
  • Every month we will expect from you to feed media with the news of Turkish steel at least twice.
  1. Organizing a media trip to Turkey.
  • We will expect from you to organize a media visit to Turkey in which economy journalists will be attending. We will cover all the expenses of the visit. But this organization will be organized later on.
  1. Organizing a trip for CIB delegation to EU and meetings with decision makers in EU.

The offer should set out a general strategy, information about previous works and the associated budget. The associated budget should be on “per hour& flat- fee” bases, and total expected budget.

Please specify your team and their CVs. If you have a former minister/prime minister/senior bureaucrat who has worked closely with EU Commission in your team, it would be a reason for preference.

Because of our limited time the deadline for the proposal is 12th March 2021 until 17:00 (GMT +3).

Contact Person:

Ms. Ebru DURSUN (; (P: 00902124540885)