Ahmet Kamil ERCİYAS


  • Palladium Tower Kardelen Sok. No: 2/1 34746 Ataşehir - İstanbul / Türkiye


Ahmet Kamil Erciyas, born in Istanbul in 1948, Ahmet Kamil Erciyas finished Kabataş High School and after in 1971, he graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a degree in MSc Metallurgical Engineering.

Between 1972-1977, he worked at Mannesmann - Sümerbank Pipe Co. as Chief of Quality Control and Production Manager.

He was appointed as Production Manager at Beldesan Co. in 1977 and worked at Beldesan one year duration. The following year,1978, he started up Kalibre Pipe Co. as founding member.

In 1990, he became a founder of Erciyas Steel Pipe Co., Erciyas Industry Pipe Trade and Commitment Co., and Erciyas Pipe Foreign Trade Co.

Ahmet Kamil Erciyas established Erciyas Holding, composed of Erciyas Steel Pipe, Bimas Bicycle Motorcycle, Briza Wind, Erciyas Energy, Argaios Tourism and Yachting, Övgün Real Estate and Investment, as of 1 March 2015. Thereafter, he made acquisition with Özbal Steel Pipe in November 2015 and of RC Industry Transportation Vehicles in January 2016. He is, still, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erciyas Holding.

Between 2012 – 2017, he served as Chairman of Turkish Steel Pipe Manufacturers Association.

He is, still, the Board Member of ÇEBİD.

Some of the associations which Ahmet Kamil Erciyas is member of ;

Steel Exporters Association ( Board Member – Accountant )

Steel Foreign Trade (Founding Member)

Steel Federation ( Founding Member – Vice Chairman)

Turkish Exporters Assembly ( Assembly Member)

Material Testing & Innovation Laboratories Co. ( MATİL) ( Vice Chairman)

Abdullah Gül University Supporting Foundation ( Founding Member - Member of the Board of Trustees – Board Member )

İstanbul Techical University Foundation ( Member of Board of Trustees)

İstanbul Technical University Alumni Association, Turkish Industry & Business Association ( TÜSİAD), Rotary Club, Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects ( TMMOB)